Birmingham Book Festival 2012

Project Synopsis:

The Birmingham Book Festival commissioned Red Lantern to produce an interactive digital literature installation for Autumn 2012. Listen to Red Lantern Director Lauren Davies talking about the project in this video The Making of Reliable Witness.

Meet Darren and Amy – a young couple in love finding their feet in their relationship.

As their trusted friend you’ve been there for them, giving advice and a sympathetic ear for years. You’ve eaten meals that they have cooked for you. You’ve been over to Darren’s flat to drink tea and eat biscuits – the posh ones saved for when friends come over.

You’ve chatted about the football, the pub, the weather. You’ve relaxed in their company, you’ve shared jokes, and have been known to crash out and stare at the TV together now and again. You’ve seen them through a few ups and downs. So far, your involvement in their relationship has been passive, easy. Your loyalty has been neither divided nor tested. That’s about to change.
Darren and Amy’s story is moving quickly. Are you watching?

Written by Mez Packer and Rochi Rampal

The Birmingham Book Festival’s first ever interactive storytelling installation – Read the production blog on Tumblr

Thursday 4 – Saturday 13 October 2012

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm    Sunday 11am – 5pm

Video footage from the launch night kindly provided by Film Ficciones

Pavilions Shopping centre Birmingham, unit 10 lower ground floor

Produced by:
  • The Adhere Creative (Branding & Digital Development)
  • Birmingham Book Festival (Project Design & Commission)
  • Red Lantern Project Management Ltd (Project Design & Management)

Funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, The Birmingham Book Festival and sponsored by Cobbetts LLP.